Saturday 29 June 2024

Strawberry Rosé Jam

A twist on a classic strawberry jam with a floral Rosé to spruce up your morning jam on toast!

This blog post is in collaboration with the wonderful Kilner Jars who kindly asked if I could make them an alcohol-based jam. I'll admit, me and alcohol only really go together in desserts, so I did do a wee bit of research to really make sure I knew what flavours I wanted. Strawberries are currently making more of an appearance as summer approaches so I thought that was the perfect reason to make the base of the jam with juicy strawberries. And a delicate Rosé seemed the perfect flavour combination with its floral notes, and depending on which one you use, some Rosé's can be quite fruity, which marries well with a jammy spread. 

What I like most about Kilner jars, is their reliability and complete trust that they will keep food fresh. Which is most important for making jams, as you want that sealed tight before you commit to opening it. I also think a lovely Kilner jar of jam makes a sweet little gift for someone, whether it's their birthday, a Christmas stocking filler or just to cheer them up. Plus Kilner has some really adorable little berry-shaped jars which are even better and look really groovy on your kitchen shelf. 

If you love strawberry jam...

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Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: 40 minutes
Serves: Makes about x3 400g jam jars – will require a very deep saucepan or divide in two and make two batches.


  • Make sure to follow the instructions precisely. There's a lot of science to jam making, and requires your full attention. If you take it too far it might become like jelly!


  • 1kg strawberries, hulled and quartered.
  • 1kg Jam sugar
  • 100ml Rosé wine 
  • Juice of 1 lemon


  1.  Put a couple of small plates into the freezer to chill. Gather your jam jars and sterilise them by washing them in hot, soapy water and then drying them off in an oven set to 100°C/Fan 80°C or by washing them in a dishwasher.
  2. Hull and quarter the strawberries then place them in a large heavy-based saucepan . Use a masher or fork to mash the strawberries together.
  3. Add the sugar, lemon juice and rosé to the saucepan. 
  4. Gently heat the pan to melt the sugar. Turn the heat up and bring it to the boil. Boil for 20-40 mins till the jam is thickening which is when you know it is starting to set. Make sure to stir often so that the bottom doesn’t catch and burn.
  5. Check the jam is set after 20 mins by taking a plate out of the freezer. Add a teaspoon of jam to the plate. Leave it to cool for 1 min, then push it with your finger. If it wrinkles a little, the jam is ready (strawberry jam will set quite softly, so it won’t be very thick or solid). Keep boiling the jam and testing every few mins till you get the wrinkle.
  6. Once the jam is set, remove from the heat and leave to cool for 10 minutes. 
  7. Spoon the jam into the clean jars and seal. If unopened, the jam should last up to a year. Once opened, store in the fridge and use within a month or two. Enjoy!




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