Thursday 14 January 2021

Easy Vegan Egg Substitutes

One of the most common questions I get asked is "How do you replace eggs when you are baking?" There are always going to be obstacles when it comes to vegan baking but I make all of my recipes accessible and catered for hopefully everyone. So I wanted to give you the tools and information to make it easier for you when it comes to understanding what goes into my recipes and just how easy it is for egg-free/vegan baking whilst still getting amazing results. I've also described how to use them with some examples of recipes you can use them in. 

A general rule that I use (not sure if it's accurate) BUT

1 medium egg = 50-60g

Use the above to work out how much egg you need to replace the eggs (if using an existing recipe), alternatively if creating your own recipe it's all trial and error. So when I want to use banana or applesauce, I sometimes use that weight of the egg to know much to use if that makes sense. Bear in mind that not all egg substitutes will work in the same way as eggs - eggs not only add moisture to a recipe, but they act as a leavening agent encouraging bakes like cakes to rise and they bind ingredients together which is why sometimes chia/flax seeds work better. Without this in a recipe you have to add things like baking soda and apple cider vinegar. 

Also if a recipe calls for more than 3 eggs, there's a reason that recipe needs more eggs as it is probably reliant on the flavour which is hard to replicate.

Egg replacement Powders

✿Now in the UK the only egg replacements I have found have been Orgran No Egg and Vegan Hearts, both of which you can get in Holland and Barrett and probably in other health food shops. I haven't used this religiously as I like to experiment with other methods too much so I'm still learning the best way to use this. In my research however I have learnt that once you mix the powder with water (quantities on the packet) you leave it to sit for a few minutes to thicken before using it. Or you can even put it in a food processor/blender and whizz for about 30 seconds to make it lighter creating fluffier recipes.

HOW TO USE: using recommended quantities, mix powder with water and leave to sit
Example: Orgran No Egg suggests 3g egg replacement powder with 30ml water.

Recipes using egg replacer: Cinnamon Roll Blondies,  Lemon Meringue Pie, 

Pumpkin/Sweet Potato Purèe

✿I LOVE this replacement so much especially in brownies or with anything chocolatey as it really enhances the flavour and makes everything so gooey!

HOW TO USE: Measure how much purèe you need based on recommended weight mentioned above depending on the need for eggs in the recipe. Peel and chop your pumpkin/sweet potato and then steam for about 15-20 until soft and able to mash.
Place in a food processor and blitz until smooth and creamy. This is now ready to use. I have tried to use this by whisking together with sugar like you would an egg and I think it works. Give it a try.

Recipes using sweet potato/pumpkin: Chocolate Orange Brownies, Pumpkin Pancakes, Pumpkin Bread,

Chia Egg

✿A super healthy replacement, packed full of nutrients, chia seeds probably aren't expected when you think of eggs. However once they are mixed with a bit of water they form a gel which has an egg-like consistency forming a 'chia egg' an excellent substitution. I would recommend only using the 'chia egg' in darker bakes i.e chocolate cakes, cookies, etc as the seeds can be noticeable one baked. They're not the cheapest to buy, but if you're becoming a regular at vegan baking I would highly recommend investing.

HOW TO USE: 1 tbsp chia seeds + 3 tbsp water = chia egg, leave to form a gel for about 5-10 minutes then this is ready to use. 

Recipes using chia egg: Courgette, Pistachio and Lime Loaf Cake, Blueberry Pancakes,


✿I really enjoy using applesauce as it is a natural sweetener and its really good for added moisture. But it's important to use it according to what you would need the egg for. If the recipe calls for egg as a binder then you can use applesauce, but if the recipe calls for egg as a leavening agent to help something rise the applesauce won't work. It's also worth noting that it may alter the flavour of a recipe and if you use chunky applesauce you will be ale to see/taste chunks of apple in your recipe. 

HOW TO USE: Use straight from the jar or if making from scratch this is a good recipe to follow.

Recipes using applesauce: Bourbon Brownies, Fruit Tea Loaf Cake, 


✿Another brilliant substitute and one I've used a lot. It's important to remember that using bananas in recipes can alter the flavour, so I recommend to use it with bakes that will match the taste it brings - some of the best combinations to use it with are peanut butter, chocolate, fruits, nuts, so really there are lots of reasons to use it! 

HOW TO USE: depending on how much you need, usually ½ a banana = 1 egg. Simply mash the banana until no more lumps are visible, can also be put in a blender/food processor to speed this up.

Recipes using banana: Peanut butter banana blondies, Fudge Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, Banoffee Pie Cupcakes,


✿The only time I have used tofu as an egg replacer was in a quiche and for scrambled "eggs" which you might have seen a lot. In terms of desserts, you'll want to use silken tofu, which creates a more dense, moist bake and works well in brownies, cheesecakes or even tarts. Again, tofu doesn't have any leavening properties so its only purpose will be to add moisture and especially in terms of cheesecakes/tarts, it is the main ingredient replacing both the 'cheese' and especially for baked cheesecakes where eggs would be used, tofu is the replacement.

HOW TO USE: For desserts, puree the silken tofu first in a blender/food processor then add to your mixture. 


✿My first reaction to using aquafaba was not very optimistic. I too was confused about using the water from a can of chickpeas, but alas, it works wonders and I salute whoever first discovered the magic of it. Aquafaba can be used to replace meringues, macarons, ice-creams and mousses and there are many more ways to use it. Aquafaba is most definitely affordable and found in all supermarkets. I buy it every week because I am obsessed with experimenting with it and it encourages you to get creative!More recently I've found an interest in using it in brownies, especially when whisking it with the sugar it aerates the mixture creating the best brownie texture. 

HOW TO USE:  3tbsp AF = 1 whole egg

Recipes using aquafaba: Bakewell tart, Chocolate Coconut Macaroons, Biscoff Brownies, Wagon Wheels,

I really hope this has encouraged you to think outside the box when you start baking, there are so many ways to replace eggs and may even make your bakes even more delicious! So get your aprons on, mixers at the ready and start baking.


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