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Hello there! Welcome to my blog!

I'm Christina and I run this little blog when I fancy doing a bit of baking, which is nearly all the time. Baking and developing recipes is a huge passion of mine like so many others and I am constantly researching new foods to bake, doing the hard work for you to make a simple recipe.

How did it all start?

It all started when I just got back from 6 months of travelling South East Asia and New Zealand (which I highly recommend doing if you have the time!) and I was getting quite bored whilst on my job search. I have no idea what made me think of it, but I fancied baking a dessert. This became a constant weekly habit of mine to make a new tasty treat whilst my boredom continued and eventually I started posting my bakes on Instagram. I became obsessed with watching cake tutorials on YouTube and overtime have compiled a very long list on my phone of all the things I want to bake, categorised by season or country - I take it very seriously.

During this time I actually embarked on a vegan diet and so all of my desserts were originally vegan which you might notice as you go through the blog. I even commissioned private cake orders as a lot of parents needed cake makers who could bake a dairy-free or egg-free cake. This went on for some time and I realised I wanted more knowledge about baking, I wasn't quite satisfied with my self-taught skills. I enrolled into London SouthBank University at 26 years old and have been studying Baking Science for the past 3 years - soon to finish this May 2023! I have learnt so much about baking and food chemistry, I never thought I would essentially become a scientist. I've also developed a love for food styling and writing about food - a dream job of mine when I was at school was to work for a magazine. With my soon-to-be-degree, I hope I can do just that.

Now that I know so much about the fundamentals of the ingredients in baked goods it became harder for me to keep baking vegan desserts. And for personal health reasons, I found it too restrictive to continue to eat a vegan diet. I have slowly started to reintroduce dairy and eggs into some of my baking because science plays such a pivotal role and I could not ignore this. But never fear! I will continue to make vegan desserts where I can, and if I'm honest, there are some incredible vegan bakers out there already who are doing a much better job than I was. If a dessert is vegan, it will always be labelled as vegan and I will try and offer alterations or replacements where possible. 

At certain points I have wondered whether to continue with my blog as I am quite sure no one reads it. I have suffered with my mental health a lot in recent years, and baking has always kept me so grounded and centred within myself. I have turned a what I believed would be a short-lived hobby, into a fun and prosperous career with so many opportunities.

I have had my fair share of complete disasters and failures. But this is all part of the fun of baking and you can ALWAYS try again.

I have realised how much I enjoy my blog, even if there isn't an audience, I love sitting down to write up my recipes. You can do anything if you really believe in yourself, anything is possible. Really, this blog is about baking in the way that I do it, with my own knowledge and skills and in the hope that I can encourage you to give baking a go. 

Lets bake

I want my recipes to be easy, straightforward, fun and more importantly very delicious! I have a huge sweet tooth, I never cut this out of my daily life because I think it is important to enjoy the sweeter things in life (in moderation of course). So my blog is here if you fancy a little sweet treat or want to roll up your sleeves for a challenge, please utilise it!

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