Sunday 10 January 2021

Peanut Butter & Jam Porridge

Peanut butter with jam in your morning porridge makes the day a little brighter!

So here's the catch with this recipe, I didn't actually use any jam in the porridge. But don't worry there is a 'jam' element. I actually used Alpro's Greek Style Yoghurt in raspberry as it has this gorgeous thick jammy part at the bottom of the pot which I thought was just perfect to go into porridge. Because the yoghurt is layered nicely, I used the creamy white part on top to stir into the porridge to cook and then the jam part at the bottom I dolloped on top - it works wonders! Then the beautiful addition of peanut butter alongside it is a harmonious duo and to be honest, I didn't want this porridge to end. If you can't get your hands on the Alpro yoghurt, you could try a different raspberry one though I am not sure what other brands will layer their yoghurts quiet the same. Alternatively, use jam on top and some yoghurt mixed through to give it that thick creamy texture :)

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Prep: 5 minutes
Cook: 3-4 minutes
Serves: 1

NOTE: every ingredient I use is vegan so make sure you check your ingredients if you're following a Vegan lifestyle.


40g Porridge oats
1 tbsp Chia seeds
150ml Soya milk
1 heaped tbsp Peanut butter
Raspberries and other fruit to top


✿Place the porridge oats, chia seeds and soya milk in a bowl and cook in the microwave for 3-4 minutes until cooked, making sure to stir half way. 
Once cooked, spoon out the top layer of the Alpro yoghurt - you will see the jammy part at the bottom leave that there just the yoghurt part - and stir it through the cooked porridge so it is nice and creamy. 
Then top the porridge with the jammy part of the yoghurt (see photos) and with the peanut butter. Finally add the raspberries or any fruit you like on top and serve. Enjoy!



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